2015 Lots of Change, and for the Better

Back in November 2011, I noticed a big change.  Before then, I would ask someone to think about a connection and I would be aware that the connection was made. Thought – neural pathways – synaptic connections – it all ‘connected’ quite smoothly for me in my AT work. Until it changed!

Suddenly, with many of my students, thought alone was no longer enough and I had to talk about a thought ( brain) / feeling ( heart) connection.  I literally had to change the way I had always worked. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster since then and continues to be so in many ways in this early part of 2015.

But there’s more. I may not have specifics yet, but already I am sensing a new kind of change for 2015. For the first time, I have experienced feeling safe, really safe, benevolent universe kind of safe. I have seen people step forward and unite calmly when faced with something designed to make them run and hide in fear.  Old ways of responding to situations are no longer valid.  People are choosing differently and this choosing seems to come from somewhere deep inside them, not from an ‘ old society,’ fear – based  response.

As I work, I am aware that people are connecting more profoundly within themselves and much more is happening – deeper release of old tension patterns, a new understanding of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ , not just the ‘what’.

How we relate to ourselves and others plays a key role in how we experience life.  More and more, I see people questioning how they operate in all kinds of situations, changing what they now realise were just old habitual ways of doing things/ old conventions.  It’s like a deeper layer of understanding has been revealed. There are fewer ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ and instead a greater desire to enter that dance of life and seek more personal joy, nurturing, fun.

For many, it is as though  lifetimes of hard work and suffering are being replaced by a lightness, a sense of…

‘Wait a minute!! We were never meant to suffer anyway. Wherever did we go wrong on this?’

And then, the realisation that it doesn’t matter anyway. We can just do things differently, starting now.

World transformation starts right here with each of us – whatever we want to see ‘out there’ begins as we embody it in our own lives.

I am already seeing more people take action to create what they want in their lives, in 2015.  And yes, I am embodying it in my own life too in the creation of my own amazing place to work. More on that as it progresses!