About Susan

Susan Stewart - Alexander TechniqueSusan M Stewart BA PGCE MSTAT
I began learning the Alexander Technique while suffering from long standing neck and back pain and sciatica, which nothing seemed to help. With Alexander lessons, I discovered a new lease of life and have been pain free now for a number of years.

My background is in language training, both in schools and colleges and in local businesses. As a teacher and facilitator with many years’ experience, it was a natural transition for me to train to teach the Alexander Technique and enable others to discover what I myself had experienced.

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for around 20 years.  I work with young children and their mothers, with teenagers and with adults of all ages. Whether helping someone to recover from injury, manage the effects of a long-term illness, enhance sporting skills or simply improve posture, my approach is the same. I enable the student to connect more fully to him/herself, to understand and experience what it means to be a psycho-physical unit ( that mind, body, emotions and spirit are all linked).

I have also worked extensively with a number of therapists, many of whom experience stiffness, neck or back pain as a result of the work they do.

This can take the form of one to one lessons, or workshops where I work with the therapist while he/she is giving a treatment, allowing the therapist to experience how using the body differently can ensure a better experience for both therapist and client.

I also work with the energy field, how to hold the space at a high level and how to avoid becoming either depleted or overloaded energetically.

The founder of the Technique was Frederick Matthias Alexander. In my teaching, I have discovered the truth of his statement “you translate everything, whether physical or mental or spiritual, into muscular tension” (we could add emotional here too!) In finding relief from physical tension, release and balance are often obtained in other areas of our lives too.