2018 – A Year Like No Other?

Spiral Stiar CaseIt’s a new year and my feeling is that 2018 has the potential to be a year like no other we have yet experienced.  2017 was difficult in many ways for many people and presented huge challenges for some of us. Can we now allow all that to be in the past and simply move on?

More and more, we are becoming the conscious creators of our own reality, a reality which has its roots deep inside us.  I have talked to so many people who desperately want their lives to change but  who are unwilling to allow the inner change to happen first.  Their outer world : job, relationship, home etc has to change before they can focus on their dreams. So nothing ever changes.

Think of a spiral – we move through life in this spiral and we meet the same challenges over and over. Things repeat until we finally address them. Then they lose their power over us.

Worry is toxic. Anxiety is toxic. Guilt is toxic. Resolve in 2018 to stop poisoning yourself. Notice the patterns and, as far as possible in that moment,  let go of the thought or the feeling. Don’t suppress it, just acknowledge it and let it go. Stop feeding it your time and effort and stop resisting it. With practice, you will find these patterns and habits no longer have a hold over you. They become less intense, have less importance. Then you feel more peaceful.

Consciously or unconsciously, you control your inner world. Your outer world will always be a match for this because every choice you make in life comes from this inner world, your belief system, the programming you have absorbed from birth.

Let 2018 be your year to create a new way of being – and if you don’t like your first attempt at this, you can always change this too!

Nothing is fixed. And whatever is happening in your life, your attitude is what is important. How do you feel about a situation? Joyful? Good! Anything else? Change it. Change the thought and the feeling first.

Whatever else you focus on, make 2018 the year you stop worrying, about yourself or anyone else. The purpose of your life is to sort yourself out, not others. That means dropping judgement and criticism, of others and yourself. It means no longer being a martyr to other people’s demands. Let it all go. If something makes you feel good, give it all your focus, your energy. If it doesn’t make you feel good, recognise it is depleting you, draining you, even toxic to you. Stop the thoughts and feelings about it, focus elsewhere – the more you practise this, the easier it gets. Then you feel better.

Avoid negativity in the media and the like.

Give your love to yourself first. Being self-ish is a good idea! Make you the most important person in your universe. 2018 is a different year, one that is there to support you wherever you place your thoughts and feelings, your responses to life’s adventures and challenges. So allow 2018 to support you in your endeavours to be more at peace, more joyful, more loving. Let the rest go. This year is all about you. Leave the past behind and focus on the inside, the inner you. Be vigilant and maintain a sense of humour – it is ever your ally in stopping negativity in its tracks. Switch to fun thoughts as often as you can and play more.

Then watch and see how your outside world changes. 2018 is your best chance yet to create your dreams so be careful what you wish for! Focus on how you want to feel and let the finer details take care of themselves.

I wish you all a wonderful 2018 with all its promise of a new start for us all.


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  1. Thanks Sue lovely sentiments to focus on as always your guidance is very welcome.

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