2020 Where do we go now?

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I sat down at the beginning of this year, intending to write an article for this website.  All I could see was that 2020 was going to mean huge change, literally changing everything we have ever known and for everyone on the planet. I had absolutely no idea how this was going to play out. So I waited. 

Then the pandemic came and the world stopped.  It was astonishing. A pandemic had been expected for some time. What astonished me was that everything stopped. In the Alexander Technique we talk about ‘inhibition’ – stopping.  You have a thought and it will lead you to the same way of moving / responding that you have always had.  Unless you stop, and redirect. 

The world, as we knew it, stopped.  

Suddenly, we noticed that our skies were quieter.  I had never realised how many planes flew over my house!  Waters everywhere became clearer as pollution levels dropped.  The air itself was easier to breathe as cars stayed at home. 

I saw people reconnect to themselves, to their families, to what mattered in life.  Fear lay like a huge blanket over many places but despite that people sang on their balconies, went for walks in nature, reconnected with a part of themselves they had forgotten about. And the entire planet seemed to do a reset. 

When people say they just want to get back to normal, I wonder what that means as there is no ‘normal’ to go back to. There is no going back, only forwards. To what?  To whatever we choose to create now.  We stopped, now we redirect. What ‘directions’ are we choosing to adopt now?  

In January, I sat and looked forward and saw nothing more than a huge wave of change. Now I sit and look forward again. Like everyone else, I want it to end.  I want to see the other side of all this. But that’s not what I see. It’s not over. And our biggest challenges lie ahead of us, in the next few months.  Can we truly embrace the changes, the inevitable changes that we cannot avoid, and in doing so, use change to recreate ourselves, our lives, our whole way of being? 

It is an option. Yes, it demands discipline, vigilance. But it is an option: physical change, emotional change, spiritual connection. 

Thoughts are electrical: neural pathways, synapses, all are electrical impulses.

Feelings are magnetic.  How often have you been with someone and ‘felt’ their joy/ sadness/anger?  You have perhaps known their  ‘I’m OK’  didn’t ring true. 

When you have thoughts and add feelings / emotions to those thoughts, you pull them into your electromagnetic field.  You literally become the way you think and feel.  Sometimes the thoughts aren’t even yours – it’s something someone else has told you and you have accepted it as yours.  This can be someone else’s anger, fear, doubt, guilt, judgement, ‘shoulds’ and ‘ have tos’, imposed from outside, not resonating with your own heart-felt desires at all. 

The next few months offer us a choice.  We can focus, moment by moment, on a present time basis, on loving, peaceful outcomes for ourselves and our global community or we can lose ourselves in the waves of out of control fear and anger, blame and judgement, none of which serves us in any way at all. 

Where we place our focus is how we will feel. 

So please join me. 6 months minimum of holding peace, light and love for ourselves and, by extension, for our world. It will make a huge difference to us as individuals. It will permeate out from us to the rest of the planet. 

Then our own reset can complete and we can choose what we want  to create in our new world.

Could be very interesting!


3 thoughts on “2020 Where do we go now?

  1. Hi Sue

    A long time ago, I had the thought/feeling that one day we would not be able to travel to countries for a while – or move from place to place. I know understand what it is that I was sensing.

    Like you, life has changed beyond measure. It is not over yet as you say, but we need to all approach the situation with positivity, light and above love and understanding for everyone else. Our thoughts are vibrational and what we think happens. I think about the planet healing and everyone else – I sort of wrap it in a ‘Ferro Rocher’ chocolate wrapper of gold and green – wonderful colours!

  2. Hi Susan
    You are so right in what you say! Who really wants to go back to normal. That wasn’t working for so many people , our everyday life consumed with stuff that we really don’t need . I am guilty of that as much as the next person. It is time for us all to realise what we are doing to the planet, ourselves and each other.
    I fear it’s too late to make drastic changes, but if we could all make small ones we could be content with a simpler life. Back in December I decided to go completely plant based consuming no animal products and my gut health is better for it . It was a starting point for me to stop and think what we are doing to ourselves and to the world we live in . Not just humans but the terrible way we treat animals .
    I for one would like to make changes as to the way I respond to my thoughts . I am taking small steps to address this ,but at nearly 59 that’s a lot of years to change things that I can ,but the wisdom to know what I can’t.
    It was so lovely to hear from you , it’s been a few years and lots happened since I last attended your classes. Maybe not to far in the distant future we could meet again at one of your inspirational meetings.
    Take care

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