Remember September?

Lots has been happening this month and I am sure you will have felt this too.  I know many people are feeling quite exhausted by all the changes that keep happening. The thing is, change is inevitable and the only thing we can be absolutely sure of is that there will be more and more of it.

So how do we view the changes in our lives?  This is important as our perception of what is happening depends on our many filters.

A filter, according to the dictionary,  is something which ‘blocks certain frequencies but allows others to pass’.  And we have lots of them!

We are often unaware of our personal filters, which influence our beliefs, perceived knowledge, even our take on spirituality.  Recently, for example, I had a discussion with two friends of mine, aged 6 and 9. The six year old was adamant that God was a man. She even wondered if he held parties and whether it was then possible to get invited to one. I put forward my view that God was both male and female and found everywhere.  Her sister was on my side, but then she remembered being told at school that all angels were male and she knew this was untrue as she had, herself, seen a ‘girl’ angel. This had, of course, affected her filter, her belief.

Some of these filters, then, are knowledge and ideas of the world which we acquire as we grow up. They vary according to whether we are are male or female and according to the society we find ourselves in.  From what we consider makes sense for us to eat to whether girls should be educated, and anything in between, our filters will cause us to believe in a certain way.  We will respond accordingly – for example, someone trained in Darwinian physics will inevitably have difficulty accepting quantum physics.  We accept whatever matches our current belief system.

Being open to change allows us to clear some of our filters.  Life becomes more fun, an exciting exploration of new ideas about everything!

Enjoy the ride.


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