7 thoughts on “Re-Balance and Clear Podcast

  1. Fabulous podcast, Susan and so healing to hear your voice again. I woke up with a very stiff back and am now mobile! I will do this every day.
    Please keep me up to date with all your latest thoughts. I will sign up for emails below.

    Love, light and healing back to you.


  2. Hi Sue,
    You have know idea how much i am using this as the moment…seems regularly throughout the day I am needing to clear and release. Shedding the old to make room for the new.
    It’s like having a session with you….Thank you xxxx

  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to record your podcast and post your wise words. The podcast was very relaxing and a good reminder for my body and mind.

    Love Tara xxx

  4. Hi Sue,
    That was such a great podcast. Your words are always poignant and come from a higher place. I feel lifted to it after listening to that.
    Thank you.

    Claire xx

  5. I just want to thank everyone who has written to me recently about the website and especially the podcast. I really appreciate hearing from you all!
    Part 1 of my next article is almost ready and I will try to speak this one as well as publish the written words – I enjoy the sense of talking to you all! I was told this week that it will be another 4 to 5 months before I can consider working again ( more hospital stuff to go yet) and then I will have to decide what form this work will take. I have experienced so many changes in the last few months that I can’t just go back to how things were. I will not, however, be retiring! This year has enormous potential, the energy is amazing and so many things we have waited so long for, can come to us easily – this is how it all feels!
    As we leave the year of transformation, we are moving into the (Chinese) year of the horse – this symbolises power, courage and confidence. It will be a fun ride!
    (As long as this is what you agree to, of course, after all, you are making all the choices here….)
    Thanks again
    Sue x

    • Hi Susan,
      Thsnk you for this podcast which I do now almost everyday. It has helped with my physical and emotional easiness. Thank you. Grace

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