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One to one sessions

As there has been an increased demand for one to one or shared sessions, I shall be prioritising these in 2018.  More appointment slots are now available.

Cost: £47 for an hour.

The course – An affordable means of on-going learning

Working area of the studio, wood floorsEach course segment lasts 6 weeks, after which there is a 6 week break to assimilate the information covered and practise. Groups are small – 4-5 participants maximum per group. The length of each weekly session is one and a half hours and there is flexibility regarding the day and time to suit the group members.

The cost, assuming 4-5 participants, is £90 per person (£10 an hour) for a six week course segment.

You can form your own group or join an existing one.  Participants will usually share a number of aims: increased flexibility; improving a sport, activity or playing a musical instrument; better posture and overall health; head, neck and back problems; walking and improving balance; recovery from illness or injury are all examples of areas where the Alexander Technique can be of enormous benefit.

The course will cover basic AT and will also spend time on activities chosen by the group. Each session will also include lying down in semi supine/relaxation with my ‘hands on ‘  help to unravel excess tension and discomfort.


Small group workshops

Usually two, 2 hour sessions ( different dates) and targeting specific movement problems.  Body mapping, understanding the reasons behind head, neck, back and shoulder problems and practical ways to alleviate pain and discomfort will be covered. This is aimed in particular at those involved in manual labour or repetitive activities and the intention is to give you practical ways, on a day to day basis, to release the tension which leads to discomfort or pain. You will become aware of how your own habits and patterns contribute to your problems, and how to begin to change this.

Cost £100 – £130 ( depending on numbers) for two hours. The cost is for the workshop, not per person.

Are concessions available for all the above  ? Yes, please ask.

Please email me at for more details on any of the above.

The Therapy room for reflexology, healing, massage, etc.