Are you driving your car? Part II

Are you Driving your Car? Part II  (The audio version of this post is also available just below.)

A road in Wales

So there’s ‘thinking’ you, who spends a lot of time in the mind, reasoning, analysing, making lists, organising.  Why do we do this?  Well, much of this is learned, habitual, often copied from adults around us when we are small children.  It comprises current programming, belief systems, cultural and world views of how we perceive life and the lives of others.  None of it is fixed and we can always change our minds about how we choose to view something.

Things we used to become anxious over and worry constantly about years ago, may no longer bother us.  Anxiety is essentially a learned behaviour.  Emotional responses play a big role here too.  These are usually learned responses. It may not be easy to change them but it is certainly possible , even highly desirable in some instances!

As emotional tension is released, physical tension can go too.  The challenge then is getting used to feeling free, happier, more joyful.  What we have become used to is generally what makes us feel comfortable – old habits really do die hard!

You are in charge of all the thinking, then. But there is more to you than just ‘the thinker’ . You are the observer of the thinking as well as the thinker.  There is also a part of you which responds intuitively, not rationally.  Intuition is holistic – it can show you the big picture – if you let it.  We do need to stay very present  and detached from outcome. Preconceived assumptions will always colour what we see otherwise.

Encourage your intuition by clearing the mind of repetitive thoughts and worries.  Meditation is helpful for this.  Listen to your ‘gut’ – if something makes you feel uneasy in the stomach area, listen to yourself, don’t just ignore it.  Neuroscience shows that our heart and gut also have memory and intelligence.

Get creative – give the right brain a work-out.  Visualise, enjoy movement – these will all link you more to your intuitive side. Wake up your inner guide – it’s there in all of us.

Look at some of the world’s great scientists. An apple falls on Newton’s head and in a flash of intuition he makes one of his greatest discoveries. Archimedes shouting ‘Eureka’ in the bath is another such example.  Einstein used his intuition when devising the theory of relativity.

Many of us have heard the phone ring and instinctively ‘know’ who it is before we answer.  We have ‘feelings’ about people or things which later turn out to be true, or a sense of déjà – vu  allows us to know about a place we have not visited before.  Our intuition puts us in touch with a part of ourselves which simply ‘knows’ things we cannot rationally explain.

Computers make decisions based on facts.  People are not computers and we do not have to behave like them!

Connecting to ourselves at a deeper level and following our intuitive guidance allows us to create a new reality, one of joy.  Allow your thinking mind to be used by feelings, joyful feelings, about things which truly excite you – this can be your stepping stone to manifesting what you really desire in life.  Be there already in your heart and mind and the universe will help you to create it.  Somewhere deep inside you, you intuitively know this is possible.

Make 2014 your year to connect to you, the real ‘ bigger picture’ you.  After all, why settle for an old life car with a high mileage and a lot of potential problems when you can have a brand new, top of the range model?

Know deep inside that you deserve only the best, indulge those feelings, release any old programming which tells you otherwise and have fun!            Thank you.


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  1. Oh lovely. Vintage Susan! Such brilliant guidance for us all. Many thanks for your wise words, they are such a help during these trying times. I hope you are being helped too. X

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